Partners Harnessing their Expertise and Resources


Champion Taekwondo Toronto and Canadian National Champion Grandmaster Victor Luke

Toronto’s Champion Taekwondo community, under the leadership of eight-time Canadian National Champion Grandmaster Victor Luke, generously supports the Kenya Taekwondo program to help build capacity for Kenyans and to more effectively offer residents of Rift Valley communities, home of Kenya’s famous runners, alternative sport and Olympic opportunities.

Grandmaster Luke engaged the President of Wanam Taekwondo Instructor Academy Korea, Prof. Jong Wan Yoon, who designated Master Kyungchan Euh to be responsible for training at the center in Kenya. Additionally Black Belt instructors from Champion Taekwondo Toronto will visit the facility annually to support the training program.


The Field-Marshams and Kenya Fluorspar Company

The Field-Marsham Family, personally and through Kenya Fluorspar Company’s philanthropic programs that are overseen by its CEO Nico Spangenberg, pledged the funds to build and support the infrastructure and operating costs of the Centre and the program. These funds will be used to support the program’s ongoing expenses, including the cost of instructors, equipment, student uniforms, supplies and maintenance costs.